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Go here for immediate access to all our downloads 
Our web radio. Go here to listen to us and lots like us.
Circuit records. 
Our local label - They put out “Sea the stars social club” and they do a lot to support the local community.
Just like it says
Just like it says
An alternative centre of the UV POP universe. Here you can play videos, music and, from Aug 3rd, buy songs.
Most of our stuff is available on here.
Because you need to know everything we write about
Sacred Bones 
To buy vinyl versions of our first single. There are a whole lot more incredible bands on there and soon, more UV POP.
The original and one and only fan-site
Yes it’s a collection of our videos.
Genetic Music 
The label that re-released “Bendy Baby Man/Anyone For Me
Mannequin label and mail order 
Rome based label who, along with Sacred Bones are bringing out the album ‘No Songs Tomorrow.