No Songs Tomorrow (LP)

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The first vinyl LP from U.V. PØP

There are two different releases of this LP
1983 - Flowmotion Records FM 004 - UK


1983 - Konexion Records 78 8002
Belgian pressing, licensed for Europe
and the USA
with different Cover, 
different Mix of ´See You´ 
and ´Four Minute Warning´

A1. No Songs Tomorrow
A2. Portrait (Extended)
A3. Some Win This
A4. See You
A5. I.C.
A6. Psalm
B1. Sleep Don´t Talk
B2. Commitment
B3. Arcade Fun
B4. Hafunkiddies
B5. Four Minute Warning
Dave Bloom on Hi-Hat
Psalm lyric written and read 
by Andrew Darlington
Layout by Klive
Photo by J.K. White
Produced by U.V. PØP
Management - Rudolf - U.K. Concerts
Holland 025.10/11.058
Recorded at Denby Street
Licenced To Konexion From Flowmotion
Through Future Earth Records