UV POP Live Broadcast

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Come here to see us play live - from time to time
Next broadcast due - 

16th Oct at 9pm UK time.

When the time comes, to access the live broadcast you must press the blue circle in the centre of the screen. Please wait until the required hour as to do so before broadcast time you will just get a previous broadcast, and we don’t want that now do we..
We really want to hear from you so please check in and chat, sign in (you can let your friends know on facebook by just pressing share) or just skip to go straight in - it is completely free and you obligate yourself to nothing you don’t want - and then you can say HI - 
make a request or 2.
If you want to make the video larger just click on the two diagonal arrows that appear at the bottom right of the screen and there you go.
For Previous Podcasts.
Click this boxPodcast_archives/Podcast_archives.html