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Returning to the studio in the Spring of 2010, John White and the reformed UV POP set about recording a new e.p for local label Circuit records.
Recorded over a six week period - including overdubs, mixing and mastering the finished product was finally released in early July.
There were no new songs on offer though - just re workings of old songs from the “In your skin” album and some previously unreleased demo recordings.
The surprise package however was the re-recording of Serious as a free download to help promote the e.p. and not offered as a part of the download only release - you had to go to Circuit records to get the necessary code.
Now it is available by following the link on our home page.

Serious (free download only)
1. I feel like calling out
2. Could I do it again
3. Lucky star

UV POP were

John White - vocals/guitars
Fiona Sergison - vocals
Jason Stewart - guitars
Tony Nicholson - Bass
Tim Woad - Drums

Recorded at Higher rhythm studios, Doncaster for Circuit records label.
Engineered by Darren Feris
Mixed by Darren Feris, John White and Tony Nicholson.
Mastered by Darren Feris

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